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Sugar water is often given to babies while they are immune to keep calm. This is because it has been proven to control babies, reducing their tears and pain they experience. Despite this, give sugar water to your baby in your own home is not desirable.

The water is not good for your baby because it does decrease the level of electrolytes in the body. If aged under six months, his body will not be able to adjust accordingly to maintain the proper balance and sodium salts. So when your baby finally urinates, they will do so more frequently due to too much water used, it will also lose electrolytes and sodium that are important for the maintenance of the body. This is what is called water intoxication.


Can I give My Baby Sugar Water?

While it is useful for medical procedures, sugar water is not very good for the health of your baby. This is because it contains a lot of empty calories that only serve to weaken his appetite. Thus, this will reduce the consumption of fresh and nutritious milk, disrupting the body works and potential adverse trigger conditions. Since it contains nothing but empty calories, sugar water does not really contribute to the health of your baby. It will most likely be used to feed if a blood sample must be taken, or in extreme cases, after intestinal surgery.

Experts advise that the best food to give your child for the first six months after birth is breast milk, oucolostrum. It contains many antibodies, which will contribute to its development and growth. If breastfeeding is not an option for you, powdered milk is your best option. Excessive consumption of sugar water will make your baby born very easily, ruining his appetite and prevent proper power cycle. In turn, this will reduce the amount of healthy breast milk he takes in his system. Also, because you end up giving it less of your milk, your production will decrease and you will lose your ability to produce milk your breasts.

In case your baby needs extra fluids in his body, consult your doctor for further treatment. It will likely be given an electrolyte solution or oral rehydration drink to help replenish his sodium levels. Then simply give more milk. If it is older than six months, give him water between feeding cycles also help.

On the other hand, if your baby does not regularly stool, this does not necessarily mean that he is constipated and need more hydration. As long as you feed it only with your own milk, it should be fine and irregular bowel movements is nothing to fear. If you still have concerns about this, is it not, in any case give him sugar water. Take him to your doctor instead.


Why is Sugar Water Harmful to My Baby?

Your baby will not benefit at all from sugar water. The only type of sugar it can really eat is from natural sources such as fruits and vegetables or milk. Alternatively, the sugar from other sources will only compromise its immune function and adding large quantities of empty calories to the body. It will also prevent proper growth hormone activity and trigger a significant increase in insulin. If this continue beyond his years as a baby, his blood sugar will be affected and will damage his pancreas. This will result in diabetes.

It is advisable to stick to your breast milk or formula, which will give him all the moisture and nutrients it needs to grow properly. It is important that you do not dilute the milk formula you want to give your baby. This will reduce the amount of nutrients that is supposed to receive, and may even be the cause of the poisoning of the water.

Never give your baby sugar water, or even plain water at all. Until the age of six months, the introduction of water in the body will cause intoxication or hydration water, more commonly known as the poisoning of water. Excess water causes an imbalance in his electrolytes, triggering malfunctions in the brain. In extreme cases, this can lead to death. In addition, your baby will be forced to urinate more frequently, expelling too much sodium levels in his body.This can lead to its lack of reactivity and irritability and convulsions and swelling of the brain.


How to Treat Dehydration without Sugar Water?

You will be prompted to give your baby more fluids to treat his mild dehydration. If it has not reached three months, it is better for you to keep on giving him milk or from your breast or formula commercially available. However, you must adjust your power cycles so that your baby is fed in smaller quantities, but greater frequency.

If your baby has spent its third month, it might be a good idea to add a specially formulated liquid diet according to his age and total body weight. This will allow to add and control the amount of electrolytes and water in the body so that it does not decrease again. Revital, Infalyte, Pedialyte, or other generic versions of electrolyte liquids can be easily found in any pharmacy. Dosage for this liquid is calculated as 5 teaspoons per pound for every 3 to 4 hours.If your baby weighs 15 pounds, for example, it will need 75 teaspoons, about 1 ½ cup for each dose.

Want to know when you give water to your baby? Watch the video below:

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