How to Play With a Newborn

Newborns are bored quickly and ask their family members to stay around them at least when they are awake. It is not necessary to continue to break the baby’s feet. You must give them some peace so they can look at things around them and process the information they collect through the senses.

The best way to play with a baby is to cuddle is him/her and continue to communicate with him/her, somehow. You can coo in response to his/her coo and smile at him/her, he/she is going to love these two modes of interaction. Here are some ways that can help you have fun with your newborn.

Why not Play Together to Help the Development of My Newborn?

1. Know Your Baby

Play with your baby is the best way for you to get to know your baby and spend quality time with him/her. Not only is it easy, but is also very nice. You just need your baby and a few free hours to start

2. Strengthen the Bond Between You and Your Baby

Playing together strengthens the bond between you and your baby. You begin to know both each other and come to trust each other as well. In addition, the baby feels loved and considers him / her to be sure what is good for his / her development.

3. A Challenging Year for Your Baby

It helps the brain develop and grow at a rapid pace. They use the experiences to which they are exposed during playback to form things agreement on ideas presented in their environment and learn about them.

4. Develop the Language Skills of Your Baby

Babies language skills depend largely on how often you communicate with them. The more you talk to your newborn, soon they will begin to understand and produce sounds. So if you have not the time to play with your baby, at least keep talking to him/her about what you do.

5. Appears on Your Baby Personality

Playing together can help you get a feel for the personality of your baby as well. For example, if a baby likes a lot of action, he/she probably has a dynamic personality, as if he/she likes simple games that are to smile and observation altogether, he/she obviously has a personality calm.

How to Play with Your Newborn

The brains of babies is constantly trying to get information on things that are present and the actions that take place in front of him / her. To get your baby’s brain to start thinking and imagery, you need him/her new experiences nourish and there is no better way to do it than to play a game with him/her.



Reading Reading is a great way to stimulate your baby’s brain. Get hold of a history book that contains pictures in and start reading to children in a loud voice. He/She will love the sound of your voice while his / her eyes explore the pictures that are present in the book.
Singing If you are doing a bit of work and can not play with your newborn, then it is better to sing for him/her. Make your own songs and try to sing while doing some work in front of your baby.
Grimaces Entertaining your baby making faces at him / her can be fun. He / She will definitely like it and even try to copy you so.
Toys Light toys, soft clean can be good for the baby. They offer your baby the chance to use his / her sense of touch and learn more about them.
Cuckoo This is a fun game where you have to hide your face behind your hands, then suddenly emerge after a few seconds. Babies love this game and when they get older, they will try to play the game themselves.
Speaking Talk regularly with your child, as it will help him/her in the development of language skills and keep your baby entertained.
Dance Scoop your baby in your arms and dance for a while, your rhythmic movements and the music is going to give baby lots of new things to experience and process.
Introduce Your Baby Clothing Take out the different types of clothes you have stored in your closet. Let the baby feel the different textures and touch different fabrics as sharpen his / her tactile sense.

What Toys Can I get for My Newborn?



Hand Toys Babies are usually near sighted and therefore prefer to play with handheld toy that their eyes can follow. They will not be able to hold them, but will still be happy to see the move in your hands.
Music Box Babies love the sound of music. Play any kind of music on your music box and you will see them to respond immediately.
Mobile Mobiles are a real attraction for newborns, especially those with bright contrasting colors and can play music too. However, make sure not to put the mobile to the child.
Unbreakable Mirror It’s a good idea to keep an unbreakable mirror in front of the child during his time on the belly. He / She will love to see his / her image in the mirror and after a few days, your baby will start to smile too.
Flexible Books Couple books have lots of pictures and contrasting trends are loved by babies. Keep the book in front of the baby’s eyes by reading to him / her that he / she can see the pictures it contains.
Sensory Toys Toys that make a noise when caught are excellent for growing babies. They love to squeeze and noise generated helps them keep track of the movements of their hands.
Socks and Wrist Rattles Rattles attached to wrists or present in the socks can provide baby a chance to make their own sounds. They will keep baby entertained.
Wind Chimes Wind Chimes produce a soft musical sound that intrigues the baby.Hang one on his/her crib and see him/her listen carefully to the sounds it produces time to time.

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