How to manage time being a working mom

Being a mother allows us to enjoy the gift that makes our lives, our children. But what happens when we work long hours away from home? Is it possible to reconcile work with family? Being a mom that works  is not easy, but it should not take away the dream.Yes, one can reconcile the two.

Pay attention to what goes on and learn how to be a working mom who knows how to manage time well.

Take it easy

Wake up and remember that you have so much to do and little time, it can lead to an immediate level of desperation. That is why you should take it slow in the mornings. Take a deep breath and get up to feed the kids, your partner and get everything ready for your absence.Ideally let some things ready the night before, eg lunch or clothing.

An important fact for you to consider: if you can wake up a bit earlier than the rest, you’ll have more time for yourself, you’ll take a shower, makeup, dress up and be wide awake when caring for the family.

Be organized

Having noted the times in which you are away, when you will make purchases, with whom the children will stay, it’s something you can not miss.

Let the children do some chores to perform, is a good way to teach them to be responsible.That if you should begin to delegate simple and easy to accomplish tasks. Gradually you will notice that begin to take more responsibility.


When you work all day outside the home, you will probably need to leave the children with someone, but it’s not always easy to get a family member or friend to stay with them.Instead, you could take them to an extracurricular activity, it is a way that they are under the care of an adult while having fun and learn with other children their age. Just make sure you do what your children want, do not force yourself to do something you do not want

The working moms definitely deserve a reward for all the work they do with their children.Do not despair at this task, everything has a solution, and for sure you will find it easier if you apply these tips.

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