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Baby Eczema

It is not uncommon to see scabs, red patches associated with eczema your baby, but it can be alarming for parents. Eczema affects as much as 20 percent of infants, although most outgrow this condition. Symptoms include itchy patches, red, ...

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Baby Ear Piercing

The latest topic for newborn baby is the piercing question of the ear. The opinion of people on this subject are divided. Some parents say that babies with adorable ears pierced while others think it is a very horrible thing. ...

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How to get Toddlers to Shit in a Potty

Getting your child potty trained can be a difficult task for many parents. You may find that the toddlers are easily use the potty to pee, but when it comes to shit they refuse and refuse to sit on the ...

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Potty Training Boys

Potty training is a rite of passage for every parent and child. There are many tips and techniques offered on the way to make a less difficult test, especially for boys who are using the pot later than girls. Some ...

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Sugar Water Baby

Sugar water is often given to babies while they are immune to keep calm. This is because it has been proven to control babies, reducing their tears and pain they experience. Despite this, give sugar water to your baby in ...

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