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When Should Small Children Sleep with a Pillow?

You probably think that your baby would sleep better with a blanket and a pillow. Even if you cannot imagine sleeping without a pillow, your baby does not know what is absent since she/he always slept on a flat surface ...

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How to Clean the Tongue of a Baby

Growth and development of infants depends on several factors such as the optimum nutrition, disease prevention and health in general. Babies need attention from their parents and as much care and caution is required. Similarly, the cleaning of a baby’s ...

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16 Months Old Milestone

For a new parent, the development steps are an exciting thing to study. These steps will show how your baby grows, learns and change their schedule. There comes a time in the life of every child when development suddenly accelerates. ...

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Baby Wakes Up Screaming

Babies are usually sound sleepers, without distractions, noise and tension to keep them from falling to sleep. But if your baby often wakes up at night screaming, it may be a sign of sleep deprivation, sleepwalking or nightmares. Is it ...

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Activities For The 11-Month-Old

Development of a baby is particularly rapid in the early months of postnatal life. Essentially, a 11 month old baby is a toddler (or wandering) both mentally and physically. According to health professionals, at this tender age, the baby can ...

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