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All parents, whether intentional or unintentional places effort to promote the safety, well-being and protection of their babies. The markets are flooded with security features that parents can use for the safety of their child. Bumper pads are used in nurseries is one of these security features. It has been observed by several clinical studies and is controlled by advocacy groups that this product is no longer safe for use in small babies. Not only can it increase the risk of choking in children, but can also lead to sudden infant death syndrome SIDS.

How is it Safe to Use the Bed Bumper?

Experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that it is not the greatest idea to use bumpers in nurseries. In fact, some bumpers also contain breathable mesh crib liners that are extremely dangerous for babies.

It is estimated that the bumpers help prevent injuries to young children; there is still no evidence that can prove this statement. Parents are often tempted to use these products because they are concerned about the safety of their children. What they do not understand and neglect is that the bumper stops and prevent fresh air that is coming from children and risk strangulation, suffocation and SIDS.

If you want to know more about the safety of crib bumpers, watch the video below:


Some Myths and Facts about Notable Crib Bumpers

Obviously, you want to put your baby in a delicate and the most comfortable bedding available. A crib bumper looks perfect for her as she is sweet and it is perfectly designed for the comfort of your baby. But the question is: Is it done for the safety of your baby? Or healthy and is your baby’s life in danger?. With that said, statistics have shown how harmful bumper nurseries were in the past.

There are widely believed myths about the beds.

Myth # 1: Bumper Helps Keep My Children Away from Hitting on the Slats of the Crib:

This is the most common myth and why bumper pads are so famous. The truth is, bumpers are preventing your baby from hitting the sides of the crib, but they do not eliminate it completely. After a certain age, children squirm in their cribs and move in their sleep. Chances are they could hit the bars of the bed, but experts say that it is never that much to hurt the child. Instead, if there are bumpers, the child might not have the energy to move away from soft bumpers, which would lead to catastrophic events such as choking and suffocation.

Myth # 2: Bumpers Prevent Children from Hurting the Body Parts when they get Out of Bed Bars:

Yes, bumper reduces the risk of injury to children in their arms and legs, but these beds were still designed that way. Modern beds are designed so as not to have bumper need padding on the sides. The lamellae are designed so that they only allow arm or small legs to pass through them. Children can sometimes hurt themselves slightly, but again, experts estimate that no loss should be substantial rather than face the serious consequences caused by the bumper.

Myth # 3: Breathable Mesh Bumpers are a Good Alternative:

Experts fear “syndrome rebreathing” which is a common complication bumper breathable mesh (child breathe the same air over and over again). It interferes with ventilation and proper flow of oxygen and thus the risk of SIDS. Although these bumpers are specially designed to handle good air circulation and to prevent overheating, experts still do not recommend using this product as they say, there is no evidence of such barrier -chocs are better and the risk of strangulation and suffocation remains.

It is important that your child’s safety comes first and the comfort that comes after. It is better to invest your money in other things that will be more useful in the long run and will also provide your child with benefits.

Some Tips to Ensure Efficient Use of Cribs

It is very important that the bedding and mattresses used in feeders on the market are certified safe by a local or international agency which is licensed and their reputation is known in the market. This is just to ensure that your child is using a product that is safe and has been used by many other relatives (with good experience) in the past. Natural fiber mattresses are a good choice when it comes to this, the material used in the fiber bedding does not carry toxic substances that might not be the case with other bedding made from synthetic fibers (containing artificial colors and dyes which may cause damage to the skin of the child) .

In addition, round beds are considered as more friendly these days because they facilitate patch, shipping safety nets and baby bed nets easy. Parents see this as an advantage because it helps children to stay safe and prevent them from falling on their cradles.

Here are some Safety Tips for Parents:

  • Make sure your baby sleeps on his back when you put him to bed.
  • Check all the hinges and screws often, as to avoid accidents.
  • It is advisable not to put all the stuffed toys and a fur and soft bedding in the crib as it may become a cause of suffocation.
  • It has been widely observed previously as Nursery Bumpers caused SIDS and are a cause of sudden death.
  • Make sure there are no side boards.
  • The room temperature and the air flow rate should be moderate.
  • The mattress should be simple and firm.
  • When your baby is old enough to sit down and stand up, remove bumpers because they are easy to set up and can cause falling. All other elements that may cause entanglement must be removed.
  • You should avoid necklaces and bibs when your child is in the cradle as it may strangle them. Also avoid games, and gyms hanging over the crib and put the crib away from windows and doors as this could harm your child when he plays.


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