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Your baby is a human being and a citizen of a country as well. All the documentation you need or require to travel also applies to your baby. In the modern world before you plan to travel abroad, you must undergo certain procedures that involve the acquisition of a passport can take up to six months to get. You will undertake the same procedure to obtain a passport for your baby. Essential documents such as the original proof of identity and other supporting documents to show your relationship to the child may need to install Passport acceptance. It is important for all parents to ensure that they have this crucial document their baby at hand.

Does My Baby Need a Passport?

Of course, all the citizens of a country needs a passport to enter or leave most foreign countries. Unfortunately, in the recent past, a passport has been particularly eventful for first-time applicants; However, as a parent, you should ask in the name of your baby and bring them with you. If the baby has two tutors or both parents, all must be present to sign the passport application, but in cases where not all are present, you will have to make a statement to authenticate consent form signed by the guardian or absent parent. In situations where the child’s other parent is deceased and you are the only parent, you may need to prove and explain the special circumstances box that sits on the statement.

You can request a passeportinstallations to a passport acceptance facility. For example, in America, there are more than 9,000 passport acceptance facilities across the country, you can visit or call, including most libraries, post offices, government offices and local courts.Otherwise, when you plan to visit or travel abroad, you will need foreign visas that you can acquire from 14 regional passport centers that operate only on appointment. In addition, you can obtain application forms or download and fill out in advance because it is easier and saves more time.

How to Apply for Your Baby’s Passport

1. Materials You Should Have

There are some essential documents you need to have on hand when you apply for a passport for your baby, and they include:

  • Documentation proving citizenship of your baby.
  • Your identity card and the relationship of your baby.
  • A certified US birth certificate should have a seal registrar signature and name of parents.
  • Valid photo identification for you both as parents, such as driver’s license or foreign passport.
  • If your baby does not have a birth certificate for any reason, you will need an alternative documentation.
  • Two passport resolution photos for your baby.
  • cost of payment may vary.

2. The Procedure



Step 1 Collect all the documents relating to citizenship of your baby as birth certificate, foreign birth certificate, consular report of birth abroad;these documents should be of primary documents. You can add documents that show the relationship of the parents to the child, such as the decree of adoption or birth certificate.
Step 2 Each parent must have an official identification evidence; This identification may be issued prior passport or driving license. In addition, a Social Security number issued by the government is required. You can make copies of the initial identifications.
Step 3 Obtain and complete the application for passport for the child. For US citizens, use the DS-11. You can complete it online and download and print or download blank and fill it with black ink. Do not sign, because it must be signed in the presence of an agent to the passport processing service.
Step 4 You will need to identify a plant passport acceptance. This is usually an office that is authorized to accept or process a passport application. You can watch Passport Department of the United States accepting online facilities.
Step 5 The submission of a declaration of consent to authenticate, if only one parent is able to appear for installation in the application time. Ensure that the absent parent complete the DS-3053 form. Then fill out the form and sign in the presence of a certified notary officer.
Step 6 At this point, you can make original copies of the citizenship of your baby proof of origin of identity, the completed form DS-11 and DS-3053 form to the Fund for the acceptance of passports.
Step 7 In the case of a single parent, you can submit original citizenship of the child, completed DS-11, the original identification evidence and supporting documents.
Step 8 At this stage, you will need two passport photos that can be accompanied by some passport fees for the installation of the application. They must be identical with a white background. The baby’s head should be covered.
Step 9 You can pay for the passport application using the global standard payment options such as Visa and Master Card. All payments must be made to the State Department. The cash payment may be accepted, but you can request the installation Passport acceptance.
Step 10 You can wait for about 4 to 6 months of treatment and also the approval of routine requests; However, you can always follow the development of applications by visiting the Fund Passport acceptance.


If you would like more information on how to get your baby a passport, you can watch the video below:

More Tips on Your Baby’s Passport

1. Apply in Advance

The procedures involved in the processing and approval of the passport can take about 6 months to receive the passport by mail. It is important to apply in advance of your travel date and when the passport arrives, print and sign your own name in brackets on the signature line.

2. Keep Your Documentation for Future Use

For children under 16, their passports will be good for five years. What is discouraging is the fact that you have to go through the same procedure to renew the passport of your child can be tedious. Thus, it is good to keep the documentation for another round trip.

3. Check with the Embassy of Your Destination Country

The US State Department will always maintain a list of passports from different countries and the visa; these can change over time, so it’s good to check with your embassy just make sure before you go there.

If you want to know how to take the ID photo of your baby home, you can watch the video below:

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