Baby Ear Piercing

The latest topic for newborn baby is the piercing question of the ear. The opinion of people on this subject are divided. Some parents say that babies with adorable ears pierced while others think it is a very horrible thing. Baby ear piercing is usually performed either because it is a family tradition, or is part of the cultural heritage of the area where the baby was born.Questions such as whether it is safe for a baby to have pierced ears or age is good for her to be popping up in your mind if you are considering the possibility of piercing the ears of your baby.

Why Baby Ear Piercing

There are a number of reasons that parents cite ear piercing their babies. Some of them are quite practical, while others are related to the customs of the family or cultural values. For example, parents who want to distinguish between a boy and a girl choose baby ear piercing for girls so they can be easily identified on the playing field by any passerby.

Culturally, there are some parts of the world where a little girl should have pierced ears it’s part of their culture. Some parents ears pierced their baby as it was a custom that was followed by their families for a long time.

Another reason you may want to get the ear piercing done at this health stage is that the baby will feel little pain during this process compared to a grown up. Furthermore, piercingsfait at an age younger heal quickly and are easy to handle as well.

Cultures of most Latin American countries call for ear piercing at an early age because according to their belief, the girl should start life with a symbol of femininity as a diamond stud in his ears. This is why in most of Latin America and Spain, a new mother is given gold earrings as a gift for the newborn girl. Some baby girls even have their ears pierced before leaving the hospital.

When can I get my baby’s ears pierced?

There is no age for the baby ear piercing since it is a very personal decision and it is the parent to decide when to have it. However, doctors recommend that parents wait until their baby is at least months old before getting the procedure done. The reason is that the immune system of babies under 6 months is not strong enough to protect against infections that can occur when drilling is performed. If parents want to leave their daughter decide whether to ear piercing, or when they should not wait until it is over the age of 10 years.

How do I get my baby’s ears pierced

1. Choose location Good Piercing

Parents should be very careful in choosing a good drilling point. It is best to start by asking if your pediatrician or dermatologist can do for you. If they refuse, then ask them for recommendations or ask your friends and relatives on the best drilling locations they know off.When you have finally found a suitable drilling location, check if the technician is experienced or not, makes use of sterile equipment and keeps his hands clean when running the procedure.Also, make sure also that it makes use of the new brand separate ear piercers to pierce each of the lobes of the ears of your baby.

2. Point to the Hardship

Tell your baby the piercing can hurt. Slightly older children would be able to understand this better, but make sure you give him the heads-up anyway so she knows what is about to happen to him.

3. Receive the Vaccine before your Baby’s Ears are Pierced

Vaccination before drilling is of paramount importance because it avoids the risk of tetanus infection. Even if the technician is probably going to use a sterilized piercing for the procedure, it is always good to make sure she received her vaccination before drilling.

4. Tell her not to Touch the Ears

Tell the child that it is not touching the earrings that will be carried in her pierced ears. The toddler may not get why you say that for her, but make sure it hits.

5. Require simultaneous Piercings

Simultaneous piercings are a better option, because after one hole, the baby may become agitated because of the pain and would not have immediately the next piercing. Concurrent with piercings will solve this problem.

6. Use Studs

Studs are a practical choice of earrings for girls who are not going to be taken to the girl herself or other children with whom she plays with. Surgical stainless steel studs such as platinum, titanium and 14k gold can be your best choice for your baby.

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How to Care for my Baby’s Pierced Ears

Crying is a drilling phenomenon station of the usual ear that you should not worry. The area around the gold terminal appears inflamed from the body will try to heal after the piercing. You can take care of your baby’s ears pierced by cleaning twice daily and rub antibiotic ointment on her earlobes. Doctors recommend that the pin must not be changed less than six weeks to a year to avoid the risk of infection. If redness appears in and around the perforation, and call a doctor immediately as it may be a sign of infection.

What are the possible complications of Ear Piercing my baby?

There are several complications that can occur after baby drill ear. The most important and common complication that may occur is infection. It is due to the use of unsterilized equipment by the piercer. Other potential complications that may occur include keloid formation, allergic reaction, tearing earlobes and even choking as well. If you think your baby is sick, you should call a doctor immediately.

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