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It is common for children to wake up during the night and most children will wake up at some point. It is only a few babies who sleep ten to twelve hours straight once they reach three to four months. Many mothers worry about their baby is not sleeping at night. Some breastfed children have more trouble sleeping for a long period of time, while some start to go all night without interruption after a few months. These nocturnal awakenings can be explained by the behavior, development, and science.

Why Does My Baby Wake up so Frequently at Nights?



The Sleep Cycle The sleep cycle involves changes in brain waves as you go REM sleep for a non-REM sleep. During the transition between these stages, most people will wake up, but adults go back to sleep quickly enough to forget. Babies, however, usually stay awake and cry because of hunger or other need. Around four months, your child will wake up right after a deeper sleep is normal.
Brain Waves When babies are around 6 months, their brain waves during sleep are similar to those of an adults’. For this reason, at this age babies can usually start sleeping for long periods (six hours or more) to six months. They can always call, however, if they wake up during transitions.
Being a Baby Some parents are reluctant to let their babies cry to sleep again. The good news is that experts say it will not cause damage. In fact, many pediatricians say you should start letting your baby to comfort crying it after they begin to develop skills such as rolling over sucking their fingers.
Parenting As much as most parents do not want to hear about, staying in the room with the baby or his movement after she falls asleep can actually increase the chances of having sleep problems. Instead, try not to interrupt his sleep anyway. On the other hand, when both parents are involved in the daily care of the baby, they will wake the night less.
Development As your baby develops more skills, it is not uncommon that they affect sleep. After four months, for example, she will wake up with sleep transitions and can shout. In six months, they will begin to explore things and seated, which can trigger wake them up. For nine months or more when the baby is standing with the support of the nursery, it is common to find the awake and alert awaits you in the crib.
Dentition Teething usually occurs about six months, but it can keep the children wake up until they are toddlers. Do not give acetaminophen to help with this issue.
Behavioral Changes Most babies will experience behavioral changes as they age. They can wake up and begin to whisper to six months or to change their sleep habits and wake up with separation anxiety to nine months.
Infection Babies are generally at a higher risk of infection about six months, as they begin to explore objects by putting them in their mouths. If your baby is sick, she can wake up because of cough or congestion.Diarrhea, vomiting and fever may also wake your baby when she is sick, but do your best to keep his normal sleep routine.
Bottles and Teats Most children begin life fell asleep while sucking on something (breastfeeding, bottle, or pacifier). It is common for children between six and twelve months using pacifiers to wake up when it falls. The best solution in this case is to wean from the nipple.

What can I do if my baby suddenly wakes up at night?

If your baby suddenly starts waking in the middle of the night, take a look at the environment. See if the time or the amount of light in the room changed. In some cases, changes in the wake will be due to be sick or go on vacation. It is also common for babies who have learned new skills to try them when they can, including nuit.Dans this case, your baby could pull up and stand but do not know how to get down. Although sleep patterns of your baby suddenly change, do not change the routine or methods to get her back to sleep. Consistency will allow it to return to normal sleep schedule once you solve the problem.

Want to know more about what to do when your baby wakes up at night? Watch the video below:

How to Reduce Wake Up Calls My Baby Does at Nights

Always try to maintain consistency and you can start using these tips when your baby is six weeks old.

  • Social feedings a day. To help your child to distinguish day from night, make meals during the day lively and social, but quiet and peaceful night.
  • Fall asleep on his own. Between six and eight weeks start to let your baby fall asleep by herself. If she’s asleep, put her on the back to get the idea of herself to settle for the night.
  • Make routine. By a bedtime routine for your baby, you can give him clues that it’s time to sleep. Make sure it does not last more than 45 minutes and try something simple like giving him a bath, change his diaper, and read a story or sing a song.
  • Use a security object. Give your child a security object, but keep around you first in order to be your perfume. Having votreparfum, he will keep his composure if she wakes up at night.
  • Let it settle. Time your child is four to five months, give him a chance to settle by itself.Enter and talk to him for a minute, and then let back later. However, try not to let your baby cry for long periods of time during the night.
  • Cuddle. If you co-sleep, cuddle your baby in bed when it’s bedtime and pretend to sleep with her ​​so she knows she is safe.
  • Share comforting roles. Once your baby does not need to be fed at night, leaving the comfort of your partner too.
  • Pay attention to their needs. Take time to make sure your baby is comfortable and pay attention to what she might need. Consider if it is cold, uncomfortable or needs a diaper change.


Important Notes: Night Waking not last forever

Keep in mind that it is quite normal for babies to wake up at night and it will not last forever.Do your best to maximize the sleep of everyone, but the needs of your baby. Feel free to change your routine if the situation your sleep does not work. It is quite normal to do so as your child grows and reaches different stages of development.

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