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Findyourbaby.com came about when my wife was having our first child, our son Ayden. It was the happiest day of our lives. However, the dos and don’ts we did not know, in which, was an experience I will never forget. My wife and I went through books, papers, articles; internet and family members and it all seemed so overwhelming. After, surviving our first time, it occurred to me to have a website specifically made to assist new parents and others planning to have more. Having a baby for the first time may be frightening; however, after you hold your baby in your arms you will have no regrets and would do it all over again.

Findyourbaby.com, was created in order to help not only the mothers but fathers as well with; what to do during pregnancy, what to expect during and after pregnancy, how to prepare for the delivery of the baby and what to do after the delivery of your child. As you may realize I am not only referring to the mother that is carrying the child but the father as well, hence the reason for “Parents” or the mentioning of “Fathers”. Fathers, the mothers will need all the support in the world and also yourself, hence this is also where this website comes in, it is here to assist you with preparing for what is to come and what to look out for during pregnancy.

Findyourbaby.com, is basically the tool you need to survive your parenting world. This is where it will give you step by step in helping with your child’s development including how and what to feed your child, from what to do in order to ensure they start talking. All the details and steps come from doctors whose researches has been known to help new parents during their parenting stage, and what to look out for in your newborn and as the child develops.

With technology and our ever-changing world, this website has and always will have the updates needed for ensuring you as a parent or parents are doing the right thing for your new born and what to expect during your first days and years of your parenting stage. If you are the old fashion type of parents, no need to worry, it will also have those old fashion details for you.

Findyourbaby.com is here to inspire and to help give you ideas during and after the first twelve months of your baby’s arrival. When I say ideas I mean, in terms of what’s the best way to feed your baby, what is safe for the child as well as what to look out for and what to do during your baby’s first stage of speaking.

Findyourbaby.com is always open for feedback and anything that you find important and needs to be shared, we are more than willing to listen to you in order to help you and also to help others. Findyourbaby.com is dedicated in helping each and everyone that needs assistance during their time of need as well as preparing for what to come.

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