8 things that a woman thinks at birth

Births … what can you say about this moment? Beyond birth, we must thank the persons who will love in the world, because this has nothing happy or pleasant. Between anxiety to see the face of our son, fear of becoming mothers, and, you know, the pain of contractions, I think I might skip this step and go straight to the happy life. Do you remember your birth or childbirth? How can you forget! What are the things that goes through your mind? Here are some things women think about during childbirth?


#1- I shaved? I do not remember!

Surely, you did not. It cannot be, I have to shave before leaving for the hospital!Is there a shaver? I want to die! Anyway, last thing you should worry about are the cute hair on your legs, you’ll see that your vagina will be the attraction of the day and now that’s worse.

#2- I can do, I can do it … No, I cannot!

What did I do to deserve this? I’ll find a culprit,who is allowed to take this idea ?, Who did this to me? I cannot help! Until you look to the side and see his face “I have no contractions”. Yes, you are furious.


#3- This is your fault

You blame yourself throughout labor so warn him so that he is ready to receive the blame coupled with many insults. Well, you are suffering the pains of childbirth, he should suffer with you. It is the law of life!


#4- Do not have sex ever again

Yes, of course! In 40 days we will talk about this, friend.


#5- If you tell me again that everything will be fine, I’ll kill you!

Whoever comes into your room will potentially be your enemy. Why are you so quiet? I need to change place. Why is the TV on? Nobody understands what I’m going through? Stop talking to me!


#6- Please do not make me over, that does not help….

Yes, we could say that there comes a point where nobody cares, but do not tell me that you wished you did not happen? Yes, I know, it happened anyway.


#7- Why not come and push, it looks easy to you?

Orders during that time are not entirely well received, we know. The next time you tell me you bid, I will rise, I will take the probe and then throw over his head.

#8- Worth completely

Finally, your beautiful child has entered into the world. Anything else he left behind?; nothing can overshadow the happiness you feel right now. You know everything that you went through was worth it and would do it again a thousand times for him.

And you, what else you got to think about during labor ? I’d love to hear your stories! How about if you share this article on social networks for more women to see and also share their experiences? And has anyone actually told you how childbirth is, or told you any of these 8 things before motherhood?

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